Baked cutlets of sterlet from North of Yenisei river

Grilled whitefish (muksun) with potato and creamy sauce of shrimps and onion

White salmon baked with fennel and tomatoes

Steamed white salmon, smoked on currant and cherry with creamy and mushroom sauce

Cutlet of sayan bear with cream-cowberry sauce, buckwheat and white mushrooms

Cutlet of elk with fried fern and cowberry sauce

Cutlet of wild boar with spinach and white mushrooms

Kebab of wild boar

Kebab of roe with blackberry sauce

Grilled cutlets of roe with parmesan and cedar nuts under bilberry sauce

Venison with cedar nuts with sauce of green pine cones

Venison with apples and cranberry sauce

Cutlet of lamb with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables

Grilled meat of Altay yak with tomato and mustard sauce

– with north deer and fern
– «Siberian»

Vareniki with potatoes

Duck breast with berry sauce and pear

Grilled quail with plum sauce

Dumplings with quail

Olga Ladzina
– Chef –