Fruit-drinks (Mors):

– cloudberry

– cowberry

– sea buckthorn


Fresh juice

Juice «Pago» (in assortment)

Mineral water:

«Acqua Panna» (still)

«San Pelegrino» (sparkling)

«Narzan» (sparkling)


«Coca Cola»

Sayan herbs

With black or green tea

All herbs are collected in Sayan, during the period, when by the lunar calendar, plants have the biggest biological value. They are manufactured by hand, to save the maximum quantity of useful substances.


Used as stimulating, toning up and adoptagenic agent. Infusion of leaves, removing tiredness and gives energy, hunters usually drink it instead of tea, when they will have a long hike in persuit of the beast.

Golden root

Regain strength after a serious illness and used as a tonic, recommended to drink during heavy physical and mental work.

Kuril tea

Used not only with a decrease in immunity, but simply because its invigorating and at the same time a relaxing effect allows you to put in harmonious state soul and body.


Restores health, it includes many useful substances, has an antiseptic effect.

Herbas teas:

– «Sayan aroma» (sahan-dalia, golden root, black tea)

– «Hunting» (hypercium, oregano, sahan-dalia)

– «Forest trail» (thyme, sahan-dalia, golden root, kuril tea)

– «Wild cowberry» (cowberry, sahan-dalia)

Taiga tea with :

– rosehip

– bilberry

– black currant

– raspberry

– cowberry

– sea-buckthorn and honey

Contraindications: increased nervous irritability, hypertension, chronic liver disease and kidney failure, pregnancy, hypersensitivity and other.

Tea collection

– «English Breakfast» Black

– «Earl Grey» Black with bergamot

– «Milk Oolong» Green with milk flavor

– Green with jasmine

Eastern type

– Kenya AA

– Decaf (Decaffeinated Coffee)


Espresso restretto



Coffee with ice-cream

Double espresso