Stroganina (sliced frozen meat) of north deer with onion

Salted, baked or smoked lard

Deer tongue with horseradish and mustard

Boiled tongue with horseradish and mustard

Pate of rabbit meat,north deer and siberian stag liver

Pate of polar partridge

Smoked venison

Smoked venison, to beer

Cold boiled pork of wild boar with horseradish and mustard

Roe with blueberry sauce (косуля)

Light-salted fish: Chir, Tugunok, White salmon, Herring

Smoked fish: Whitefish, Nelma, Baikal omul

Stroganina (sliced frozen fish): of nelma, of whitefish

Sagudai (frozen fish with onion and spices): of nelma, of whitefish (muksun)

Сaviar with toasts: Grayling caviar, Cisco caviar, Pike caviar, Pancakes with grayling caviar

Caviar of cisco with poached eggs on toasts

Garlic croutons

Cheese plate

Platter of fresh vegetables

Pickled tomatoes

Pickled cucumbers

Sauerkraut with cowberries

Salted mushrooms: Milk mushrooms, Saffron milk cap, Yellow boletus

Olga Ladzina
– Chef –