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Corner of real Siberia in Moscow!

  • Own supply of products from Siberia, controlled by origin.

  • The North-Eniseyskaya fish are nelma, muxun, tugunok, Baikal omul, caviar of grayling and omul.

  • Wild animals and birds are Roe deer and wild boar, Sayan brown bear and maral, polar partridge, Altaian yak

  • Wild mushrooms and berries, Sayan healing herbs, which are harvested exclusively by hand and in a unified form, to conserve a suitable amount of substances.

  • Reconstituted according to old recipes of the 17th-19th cc. Drinks – Erofeiichi, Ratafia, vodka and liqueurs prepared on various berries and Altai mountain herbs.

  • We offer “Royal dishes” * – a meal for two guests. Dishes from the menu, which was specially Developed by for Nicholas II in 1891.

* Pre-order is required, at least one day before the date of the visit and 100% defrayal of 12,000 rubles.